GUEST: orthopedic spine surgeon Rafe Sales, MD

  • Common causes, treatments and misconceptions
  • Using exercise therapy as a treatment and prevention tool
  • How passive treatments and drugs can cause more harm than good
  • When surgery is a viable option and what to ask the surgeon

GUEST: licensed dietician Marisa Michael, RD, LD

  • Using your mind to drive your action plan
  • Using science to minimize the time needed to complete your program
  • Minimizing joint stress/pain by using biomechanically sound techniques
  • Essentials of healthy eating and what science says about fad diets

Introducing the Action 30 podcast, hosted by Doctor of Physical Therapy and trainer Colin Hoobler.

Action 30 is an educational and motivational podcast on the use of efficient exercise and eating habits to boost health and fight disease/injury.  Recommendations are based on opinions of the host and his guests, who are licensed medical professionals and/or considered leaders in their field.

Action 30 content is based on research, science and/or expert clinical opinions and not influenced by sponsors or advertisers.  

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