GUEST: career development specialist Michael Nordberg

  • Special financial considerations during COVID-19 
  • Specific tools you can use to find a virtual job now
  • The powerful link between health and financial success

GUEST: psychiatrist Barry G. Pierce, MD

  • Common causes, treatments for anxiety and depression
  • How to use exercise and lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • Your role in self-managing mental health
  • When medication should be considered
  • Implications during pandemic 

GUEST: sports medicine physician Jonathan Crist, MD

  • Common causes, treatments & prevention
  • Using exercise/lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • When is it OK to return to sports?
  • Concussion screening

GUEST: none… Colin answers listener questions related to: 

  • Politics and why he opposes the current administration
  • Anabolic steroids and why he chose to stay clean in competition
  • His personal injuries and how he treated them
  • Supplement use
  • Programming for diabetes based on science

GUEST: gerontologist Benjamin Surmi, MS

  • Helping older adults thrive in Memory Care
  • Common misconceptions about those with Alzheimer’s
  • The importance of exercise and healthy lifestyle in Alzheimer’s
  • What to look for in a Memory Care community to protect loved ones

GUEST: foot & ankle pain management with podiatrist Heather Keeler, DPM

  • Common causes, treatments
  • Using exercise/lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • When surgery and/or medication should be considered
  • Red flags for the self-serving podiatrist

GUEST: ER nurse “Mary”

An inside look at the real dangers of working on the front lines in an emergency room during the COVID-19 pandemic, made worse by those who choose to ignore physical distancing recommendations, the White House and careless hospital administrators.