GUEST: naturopath Jennifer Harrington, ND

  • Common causes, treatments
  • Using exercise/lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • When surgery and/or medication should be considered
  • Tips for men on being sensitive to a woman’s needs

GUEST: cosmetic dermatologist Allen Lycka, MD

  • How he overcame a life-threatening illness diagnosis that turned out to be false
  • Importance of exercise and lifestyle as wellness tools
  • Identifying toxic factors in your life and eliminating them

GUEST: career development specialist Michael Nordberg

  • Special financial considerations during COVID-19 
  • Specific tools you can use to find a virtual job now
  • The powerful link between health and financial success

GUEST: psychiatrist Barry G. Pierce, MD

  • Common causes, treatments for anxiety and depression
  • How to use exercise and lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • Your role in self-managing mental health
  • When medication should be considered
  • Implications during pandemic 

GUEST: sports medicine physician Jonathan Crist, MD

  • Common causes, treatments & prevention
  • Using exercise/lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • When is it OK to return to sports?
  • Concussion screening