GUEST: board-certified family physician Meenakshi Aggarwal, MD
  • “Beyond the virus”
  • How to strengthen your immune system and fight disease
  • Who should get tested and what’s involved
  • The “good news” about the pandemic

GUEST: pain management physician Greg Gullo, MD

  • Common causes, treatments (especially drugs)
  • Using exercise/lifestyle as a treatment tool
  • How passive treatments may cause more harm than good in the long run
  • When medication should be considered and what to do if addicted

GUEST: licensed dietician Marisa Michael, RD, LD

  • Using your mind to drive your action plan
  • Using science to minimize the time needed to complete your program
  • Minimizing joint stress/pain by using biomechanically sound techniques
  • Essentials of healthy eating and what science says about fad diets