My “Beat the Virus” home program with minimal equipment.  Keep it going after isolation ends for best results!

A great stretch if you have tight/painful shoulders.  Palms up to prevent impingement!

Includes computer animation showing bones.  Yep, this is what you look like under your skin.

Excellent for muscles surrounding the shoulders, spine and arms.  Head still and pull down with the elbows.

If you care about your spine, please watch this before doing the leg press. 

The time has come.

Seems simple until you see how to protect your knees.

Excellent for postural muscles.  Head still, don’t shrug, dumbbells stay wide!

This move doesn’t just help you look younger… it also improves breathing and reduces spine stress.  

This move is like “whack-a-mole”.  Relax your back knee, keep your pelvis level, lean forward, don’t allow knee valgus and count to 20. Piece of cake!

Keeping your low back neutral seems impossible… but essential to protect it and increase work of the hamstrings.

Watch your supporting shoulder here to make sure it doesn’t shrug or collapse forward.  Belly in, knees together! 

How long should you hold stretches to get a lengthening effect?  Don’t blame me… it’s what the research says.

Keep your shoulders back to protect your shoulder joints, train postural muscles and increase biceps work.  Hat trick for RT!

Weight loss vs. fat loss… there’s a big difference and essential to understand if you’re going to be successful.

Maintaining control of resistance is key, but many other factors affect how much time you’ll spend doing RT and the forces imposed on your joints.  RT is a skill!

Do this properly and you’ll train 6 muscle groups in 30 seconds. 

Tom Hanks (Polar Express): “It’s not where you’re going, it’s that you choose to get on…”

You can do it anywhere and it’s simple, but probably one of the toughest moves you’ll do. 

Ideal for rotator cuff, postural muscles, trunk and humility. 

Nice substitute for the push-up if you’re feeling a little off. 

It’s the silent killer.  Know your numbers and take them seriously before it’s too late.

No, someone hasn’t stolen your hip.  This is an essential move if you have lingering hip/low back pain or hip/knee arthritis. 

If this were a game, it wouldn’t be even close.

A classic for advanced trainees.  Forget this move if you have sensitive knees or low back. 

Keep your head and trunk still for double benefit.

This move hits 10 muscle groups, folks. If you’re pressed for time, get to know it.

Not your cup of coffee, but your triceps will love it.

Keep your belly in and remember that spot reduction is a myth!

It’s all about posture and keeping your elbows still.

If you don’t have access to a leg curl, this should do.

Walking, swimming, cycling… they’re not strength activities.  Here’s why.

Has everything to do with posture and keeping elbows in… not chips.